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How To Create Positive Energy: Use Your Lunch Break

Break for Lunch

As a successful business owner, do you ever find yourself feeling as if there are just not enough hours in the day? Surely we all have – that might make you feel as if you need to cram as much in as possible – but I have a secret for you: you need to take a break.

Every single day, you need to take a break and recharge. Running a successful insurance agency takes a lot of hard work. It can be easy to get swept up and feel as if you have no time to break. It can be easy to feel as if your work is mounting and you have no time for you.

However, you need to step away from quotes, policies, the phones, and claims, and harness the power of positive energy.

Creating Positive Energy

Learning how to create positive energy is not something that comes overnight, but if you start with something small – like using your lunch break to recharge – you’ll find that you are more creative, energetic ,and overall, healthier.

Here are some things you can start doing during your lunch break today:

  1. Get away from your desk or work space and eat somewhere else. Although many people may think eating at their desk is still taking a break, the urge to continue working is too high. Consider your lunch break as a time to step away from the computer and focus on something besides leads and quotes.

  2. Use the time to reconnect with an old friend – Whether it’s a quick phone call with a family member or loved one, or a coffee with a co-worker, now is the time to catch up with someone important.

  3. Enjoy your food. You have prepared something you want to enjoy, so enjoy it!

  4. Engage in physical activity. Use the time to take a walk outside. This can be especially beneficial to people who are inside all day long behind a desk.

  5. Don’t get stuck in a routine. Much of your job at your agency is routine based, right? So try to change up where you go for lunch, what you have, and when you go – give your eyes, mind and body a break from it all.

And remember, as a leader in your agency, part of your job is to be a role model. Encourage your employees to step away, too. Creating a world class sales culture means you have to encourage employees to be motivated, driven and positive. Positive energy comes from doing the right things – so take lunch!

John Boudreau is the CEO and co-founder of Astonish, an insurance marketing and sales platform for local insurance agencies. Astonish collaborates with insurance agencies to provide an optimized online marketing presence, automate tasks with technology, and create an effective sales culture through hands-on coaching. Their platform drives growth in round-outs, retention, referrals, new opportunities, lead conversion, and team performance.

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