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  • Reading Body Language to Close the Deal

    Reading body language to close more sales

    Sales professionals know that non-verbal cues are as important as verbal communication in closing deals. Being able to understand what a client’s body language is telling you can help you … more

  • Elements of a Perfect Insurance Sales Call

    Elements of an insurance sales call

    Nobody likes receiving a canned sales presentation. Insurance can be a dry subject for many people so it’s especially important to maintain a good balance and respect for each contact. … more

  • How to Sell Insurance to Different Cultures

    How to sell insurance across cultures

    How do you define “culture”? Is it just a way of life, or is it more complicated, defining the beliefs and attitudes of a specific group of people? The United States is still a melting … more

  • Being a "Bad" Agent Can Be a "Good" Thing

    Bad vs good insurance sales

    Agents who focus primarily – or solely – on the “selling” part of the insurance sales process are on the wrong path. The lifeblood of lead conversion is demonstrating a true … more

  • The Secrets of Lead Conversion

    Secrets of insurance lead conversion

    In the insurance industry, everyone is obsessed with leads: Where to get the best ones; how to best make contact with leads; wondering why other agents always seem to get and convert great insurance … more

  • How to Motivate Your Agents and Producers

    How to Motivate Your Agents

    An insurance agent’s attitude when making sales is the most important tool for a successful business. A salesperson’s attitude can be the one thing that makes or breaks a sale to any … more

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