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Important Upgrades to Agent Console!

On Wednesday, November 20th, we will be updating our Agent Console with important new upgrades!

Leads and Calls Profiles Are Now Separate

  • To make managing your calls and leads easier, calls and leads profiles are now standalone. Profiles that that had both leads and calls will be split up with all settings preserved.
  • Pausing and resuming profiles is a snap: Need to pause leads? Pause the leads profile? Need to resume calls? Resume the calls profile.

  • Are you a leads buyer and want to try out calls? It's simple!
    • Simply go to Profiles and select "Add a Calls Profile"

  • Are you a customer with lots of profiles?
    • We've added filtering and sorting to get to what you're looking for quickly

What to Expect

  • No changes to your profile settings
    • Your package, area, delivery and filters (if applicable) will remain the same.
  • No changes to the status of your profile
  • No changes to pricing
  • How do you tell a Leads Profile from a Calls Profile? 
    • Distinguishing profiles is easy - It says "Calls" or "Leads" right below the profile name
  • For those with a combined Leads and Calls Profile:
    • You will now have two separate profiles with the same settings; except one is for calls and the other for leads
    • The calls profile will have the word "Calls" at the end of the profile name


Call us at 1-877-828-9792 if you have questions