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B2B Insurance Selling for Agents

In the world of insurance, selling business insurance is often one of the most lucrative sales an agent can make. It is also one of the most difficult. How can you improve your sales ratio in your commercial portfolio, and how can you help businesses to see health, life and disability insurance as benefits programs? Consider the following tips:

Stress employee retention in a competitive market

Whether it is through your content marketing efforts or your “Take care of your business” event or the seminar, eventually some business client will inquire about why health, life and disability insurance should be seen as part of a benefits program. Respond to this question by explaining that the business is able to implement a better plan and provide these services to its employees in a more inexpensive format than employees can do individually. Make sure that business professionals see these benefits as important tools in employee retention. Businesses are aware that the economy is rebounding, and by offering life, health and disability insurance programs they can keep talented employees working for them.

Show how your health plans compare to the Affordable Care Act

With the implementation of the Afforable Care Act, many small businesses are voiding their company health insurance plans and pushing their workers to the open market. If a client inquires why the company should purchase your health plan instead of sending its employees to the market, be sure to show the benefits of the plans you offer and how they compare to the affordable care act. It’s also a good idea to remind the business that offering these options is an important benefit that gives them an edge over competitors who do not.

Host a “Take care of your business” event

If you’re in content marketing and social media messaging is starting to take hold, hosting a “Take care of your business” event is a great way to draw business representatives to your business and get you valuable face time. Invite businesses large and small, clients and prospects alike. Such an event may not interest larger businesses, but small businesses with questions about health, life and disability insurance plans will appreciate having their questions answered quickly and directly. Hold a business card drawing to gain valuable contact information, and provide a prize that makes your guests excited to drop their card in the jar.

Travel to the business to provide a seminar

Whether they are large or small, businesses put any insurance policy through a thorough review before they sign on the bottom line. So how can you help them to sign with you? As we pointed out earlier, establishing yourself as a thought leader can help, especially if you are trying to sell the business on the importance of health, life or disability programs. You can improve your reputation with the business by volunteering to host a seminar on any of these three topics. Let the business know that this seminar is open to all comers and then provide relevant information to executives and employees alike. Make sure you explain to any employees in attendance the benefits of enrolling in health, life or disability insurance. If they see it as a benefit, the chances improve that the business will as well. Distributing information on the topics and your business card is also a great idea.

Establish yourself as thought leader

If you’re looking to broaden your business portfolio, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader. Taking to the web is an inexpensive way to accomplish this task. Write a blog, get active on Facebook and start Tweeting on Twitter. Discuss current topics of interest in the insurance world and be sure to showcase the ways in which health, life and disability insurance benefit employees. You want businesses to turn to your content as a source of information, but getting their employees interested in the content is a recipe for success as well. Remember, as always, to give everything you post a thorough review. Potential customers will formulate their first impressions of you through this content so make sure all of your messaging is professional and accurate.

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