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Familiar and Famous Insurance Agents

Did you ever think you recognize an insurance agent, but cannot quite place their face? Did you notice they are wearing a Super Bowl ring, or look like someone you saw on a reality TV series?  Well, you may be doing business with someone famous and not even realize it.

Tommy Maddox: From Football To Insurance And Back Again

Ex-NFL quarterback Tommy Maddox, a first round draft pick in 1992, signed on with a team in the throes of a feud between its coach, Dan Reeves, and its starting quarterback, John Elway. Maddox only stayed with the Denver Broncos until 1993, and then spent the next few years as a backup player for several teams. He then left the NFL to settle down to a career in insurance with his father.

Insurance was a great career path for Maddox, but he still had the itch to play. He returned to the game, spending a year playing in the now-defunct XFL, and then signing with Pittsburgh, where he earned the title of NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

However, by 2007, he returned to his first second career as an insurance agent in Texas. Beyond the insurance realm, Maddox went on to coach and manage a youth baseball league, and started up a charity benefitting disadvantaged children.

How Insuring the Pros Made Rich Salgado a Friend to the Famous

Once a former college football player at the University of Maryland, Rich Salgado now caters to the athletic elite’s insurance needs. His college roommate was pro-bowler Neil O’Donnell. While O’Donnell went on to a professional career in the NFL, Salgado opted for a career that stayed in touch with the sport he loved: providing insurance to athletes.

Salgado made connections with many other players, in addition to coaches. With the NFL’s constant trading and reshuffling of players, his contacts stretched across the country. Eventually, Salgado, often referred to as “Big Daddy”, established Coastal Advisors, LLC, a firm for "Professional Insurance Solutions." Salgado’s own athletic background puts him in the unique position of truly understanding what athletes go through. He counsels them on life insurance policies, estate planning, and other financial issues, giving them the means to protect their financial well-being should injuries halt their career.

From the Offensive Line to the Insurance Agency

Another pro football player now working to provide protection for others is Lincoln Kennedy, a three-time Pro-Bowler and player in Super Bowl XXXVII. The former Oakland Raider, when asked which of his careers he preferred, stated,  "I've always preferred a challenge in my lifetime, so whatever I did — whether it was sports or school or now this career — it's been challenging and rewarding in its own way. It's a matter of trying to be the best that you can be in your surroundings."

Reality TV Real Housewives Are in On the Insurance Industry

Vikki Gunvalson is best known as one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. However, her “real” job is insurance agent and financial advisor in her home town of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Her business mantra is “Preserve, Plan & Protect Your Future.”

Even Vampires Need Insurance

Well, maybe not, but prolific vampire story author Anne Rice nevertheless worked in the insurance industry. Prior to becoming an author, she worked in San Francisco as an insurance adjuster. Only after marrying and leaving her position did she get to work on her vampire tales.

Insurance Agent Goes on to Create Thrillers

Who would think an insurance agent from Maryland would mesmerize the world with spy thrillers? Tom Clancy, author of mega best sellers such as “The Hunt for Red October,” and inspiration for countless video games and TV shows, was once an insurance agent. When his first book was published, he received all of $5,000 for it. Nonetheless, he went on to attain great riches from his writing. Who knows, if he had stuck with insurance, maybe he could have done just as well!

Life Before the Kardashians

Some people have the trifecta: Olympic medal winning athlete, reality TV star and former insurance agent. Bruce Jenner, stepfather to the Kardashian clan, brought home Olympic gold from the 1976 Summer Olympic Games for his win in the decathlon. However, in the years preceding his win at the Olympics, Jenner sold insurance as he trained.   

Next time you visit your insurance agency, keep your eyes peeled. Who knows whom you might see.

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