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Reasons to Love Being an Insurance Agent

It takes a special type of person to want a career helping others. When that individual meets challenges head-on saying “Bring it on!” they may have what it takes to be a great insurance agent. Successfully becoming an insurance agent requires what Investopedia describes as a “fighting spirit” as well as the ability to “see rejection as a stepping-stone to eventual success.” That success requires self-motivation plus the ability to pass some licensing exams, but the right individual, whether just entering the job market or making a career change, can find great financial success as well as high job satisfaction in the insurance industry.

Selling Something People Need

An important concept to keep in mind when learning how to sell insurance is that, unlike many consumer commodities, insurance is always money well spent. Granted, an agent needs to make sales, but those sales result from a process of guiding clients to the right products to protect themselves, their families and their investments. As one agent quoted on stated, “The role of the sales professional is no longer just about providing information, but about helping consumers weed through information, to help identify needs and provide solutions.” Few other jobs provide the opportunity to achieve personal success while helping others to do the same.

The Option to Do Things Your Way

Steve Jobs once wrote, “Your time is precious, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” If you work hard, it makes sense to choose a career path where you can run your own operation. With some experience, some capital, and a little bit of bravado, starting an insurance agency may provide one of the best opportunities to achieve financial and personal success on your own terms. Establishing your own agency gives you the option of setting up practices that suit you. This includes doing the majority of your work in your PJs while sitting in your favorite easy chair, if desired, using all the great technology now available.

In fact, the insurance offers many unique areas of practice; all well supported by technology that helps generate new business as well as exquisitely maintain existing business. Technology makes obtaining quality insurance leads a simpler, streamlined process for all types of insurance.

Breathing New Life into an Established Industry

The insurance world is changing. An influx of young agents means business as usual is a far different creature than it was a couple of decades ago. A report by Insurance Journal states “…young agents eager to make big changes in how the industry operates are generating excitement and pushing for change.” Many opt for virtual agencies and opt out of traditional advertising practices in favor of social media marketing. They understand how a younger demographic wants to deal with insurance, and have the knowledge and insight to connect with them. Insurance Journal relayed the following 2012 statistics about young agents’ practices:

  • 75.2 percent have a Facebook page
  • 73.7 percent use LinkedIn
  • 28.5 percent use Twitter
  • 84.7 percent use an iPhone or other Smartphone
  • 44 percent use an iPad or other tablet device
  • 10 percent write a blog

The result is an upgrade of many industry practices, something one agent quoted by Insurance Journal says, “…can’t be left up to our fathers.” These changing trends leave a lot of room for new agents to enter the insurance industry and really leave their mark and make themselves stand out.

The Opportunity to Put Natural Talents to Work

Individuals who are natural problem solvers and who want control over their career are often drawn to running their own business. From how to obtain productive leads, to building a team that works together, to helping clients find the right coverage to fit their needs, insurance agents use their problem-solving skills daily to help other people.

Those talents can work for the office even while you are out of it. Knowing how to tap into community events or charitable causes allows you to flex your people skills in different ways. Community involvement benefits others, but also affords you some insight into the community, both businesses and individuals. Moreover, any goodwill generated by your participation translates into great agency marketing.

Attainable Financial Success

Even agents with relatively little experience can achieve financial success. Noting that an ambitious and dedicated agent can earn $100,000 or more in his or her first year of sales, Investopedia states, “…few careers match the opportunity for as quick and large a paycheck as does being a life insurance agent.” Successfully building a book of insurance referrals that become long-term clients requires determination along with the ability to deal with repeated rejection. Nonetheless, for those with the right kind of commitment, insurance offers a great opportunity for financial success.

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