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Health Insurance Wellness Programs Look to Decrease Work Stress [Infographic]

Occupational stress is something that every person will feel no matter the industry or job. A little amount of stress at the workplace can be a good thing when it increases focus and helps an employee rise to the occasion but too much can cause problems that begin to carve into productivity, morale, and worst of all, health and personal wellness.

Work Stress and Health Insurance and Wellness Programs

Companies spend thousands, even millions in work place comfort. From the top of the line chairs and studio style work spaces to interior design and bright lighting. Wellness programs, however, are becoming more common among employers who are designing unique and integrated efforts to help workers manage their physical and mental well-being.

Check out our latest infographic highlighting the impact of stress at work and see how health insurance and wellness programs play an integral roll in reducing overall insurance claim costs, increasing productivity and morale, and how HR professionals and executives view these efforts within their organizations.

Infographic - The Effect of Occupational Stress

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