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Advanced Insurance Agencies That Are Getting Marketing Right

Long gone are the days of mailing hard copies of generic marketing materials to generate business. In some instances, even making cold calls aren’t as common anymore to the modern insurance agent. Advanced insurance agencies use specific techniques to ensure their name, brand and web presence are on top of consumers’ radars. They do so by utilizing email marketing and social media, sticking to the S.P.U.R. strategy, and offering helpful and resourceful marketing materials instead of just stating their services and their price.

Email Marketing

Thanks to the Smartphone and other portable technology that allows the world to constantly “stay connected”, there are more people consistently checking email than ever before. Advanced insurance agencies use this tactic to their advantage. Instead of trying to pitch their services to potential clients via snail mail and using hard copies, successful agencies create a marketing plan that centers on email. Agencies create separate marketing lists of prospects, existing customers and vendors and tailor the content of the emails to each list.

The content that successful agencies send is always punchy, relevant, timely and informative.  The emails present the company as an authority in the field by offering relevant news articles, opinions and commentaries on recent news involving insurance and their niche market. And, just as important, the emails always have a catchy, non-click-bait subject line that entices the recipient to open the email.

Successful agencies vary the content in the emails from week to week. One week they may discuss the news and offer opinions and insights, and the next week they offer some sort of promotion to generate business. These agencies send emails every week or two to remain consistent, but not pushy.

Leavitt Group utilizes email marketing by offering an e-newsletter to clients and potential clients on their email list. There are different topics that people can choose to receive updates on: health care reform, commercial insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits and other periodic updates, such as upcoming events and seminars. This is a great way to keep in touch with leads and existing clients, as it is consistent communication that keeps them up-to-date on the type of information they want to know. The articles establish Leavitt Group as an expert on various insurance-related topics, which builds trust with their customers and potential customers.  

Utilizing Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube are valuable resources that successful agencies use in order to keep their brands at the top of consumers’ minds. One way agencies stand out above the crowd is to create a viral video on YouTube. How do they make it viral? By making it relatable and humorous. Once the video is posted to the company’s YouTube account, they make sure they link the video back to their website so viewers can learn more about their company and services.

Successful agencies don’t use just one social media site—they maintain a constant presence on all of them. On a forward-thinking insurance agency’s social media pages, you’ll find blog posts that are relevant to the insurance industry, and offer commentary and sharing of articles pertaining to their craft. The beauty about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is that it gives viewers the opportunity to share with their friends and family—broadening the prospective client base.

Woodruff Sawyer & Company takes advantage of four social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Regular updates are posted on each channel, and they drive people back to their blog to give people more insurance-related information that they can use. Woodruff, Sawyer & Company’s activity on various social media channels allows the company’s brand to be seen by many potential customers. The company’s activity on social media shows it is a leader in the insurance industry.

The Gowrie Group offers a unique experience for its potential clients and existing clients by promptly responding to calls and emails. The service they provide is personal and catered to each, individual customer. They reinforce this reputation by offering customer testimonials on their website that speak of their high quality service. With this as their unique selling proposition, the Gowrie Group is able to easily attract potential customers and retain their current customers.

Offering Helpful and Applicable Marketing Materials

One mistake successful insurance agencies don’t make is having boring marketing materials. Boring marketing materials offer nothing more than a list of services, possibly the price, and contact information to speak to a representative. Insurance agencies ahead of the marketing game become a valuable resource that potential clients didn’t know they even needed.

These successful agencies provide more information than just their services, they offer lists of potential resources that can be used along with their insurance policies—e.g., local gas companies, roofers, plumbers and other contractors. Successful insurance agencies also provide other relative information, such as statistics, to show potential clients not only that they know their industry well, but they also care and want their clients to be aware of potential problems and situations they might not have considered before.

Leads and Calls from High-Intent Consumers

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