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5 Blogs Insurance Agents Should Follow

“Good artists create, great artists steal” is a quote commonly attributed to Pablo Picasso. Though we don’t condone stealing, there is some merit to this angle when you’re looking to advance using a trail others have blazed in any industry, including insurance marketing. By reviewing what other bloggers, marketers, and agents are doing well and learning how you can fit that to your insurance business, it helps you understand what might work without reinventing the wheel. A solution to an issue facing one type of business can easily become a solution for another, and the best way to solve those problems is to share knowledge or in this case, “borrow” a little from someone that has already paved the way.

In addition, the marketing world is constantly changing - especially digitally. It's tough to know what the latest tactics are regarding SEO strategies, social media posts and even content marketing distribution unless you have a marketing department in your insurance office.

Essential Marketing Blogs to Follow

Here are five powerful marketing blogs in the business world that might be able to replace the need for an entire marketing department. Be sure to put these on your weekly reading schedules and look to see how you can leverage or “borrow” their ideas to fit your agency.

  1. MarketingProfs - The insurance industry must market itself to keep new customers coming in the door and keep current customers informed of changes in the insurance world. MarketingProfs is the quintessential place to find information on everything from social media posts to graphic design to brand management. There is valuable information to glean nearly any section on their site. Posts are written by a vast collection of content writers who often write for other marketing blogs as well. The company was founded by Allen Weiss (Professor of Marketing at USC) in 2000.

  2. Media Orchard - When it comes to content marketing information, this blog is the place to go. It's produced by Idea Grove, an inbound marketing agency based in Dallas. Media Orchard discusses content marketing topics ranging from creation of materials to making analytics of a campaign work for your business. Content marketing is one of the newer ways for companies to advertise, and it can work for insurance companies interested in providing customers with helpful information on their websites or in syndicated articles published in newspapers and online.

  3. Email Experience Council - The blog published by this council concentrates specifically on email marketing, which can be a big business generator for insurance agents. You'll be able to find information on privacy rights, creating an email campaign, distributing it and turning the leads generated into future clients. Anti-spam laws are big news in the email marketing world right now, so keep an eye on this blog for the latest in this topic. Email Experience Council is part of the Direct Marketing Association, working to set the standards for ethical email marketing practices.

  4. Tweak Your - This site is frequently updated with multiple postings each day on a wide variety of topics. You can find postings on finance, marketing, sales, global business and technology, all written by individuals who work in the business every day. There's a ton of information for insurance agents - some of it might not be relevant, but you never know when you'll find a post that perfectly addresses the issue you might be experiencing at your agency. Keep in mind that guest posts are welcome, so be sure to carefully read the bio of the submitter to understand how much of an expert he or she is.

  5. The Jim and Travis Blog - The founders of Gravitational Marketing, Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, created this blog to provide businesses with non-traditional marketing ideas that might be a little outside of the box. According to their bio, they don't like cold calling or prospecting. They don't focus on any specific type of marketing either; you can find blogs written about digital marketing, sales and copy writing.

Sign up for the RSS feeds or become a member of the website so you can stay up to date on the knowledge shared by each of these blogs. You never know when a nugget of information will be posted that provides the marketing tool you need to attract new customers to your insurance company.

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5 Blogs Insurance Agents Should Follow

“Good artists create, great artists steal” is a quote commonly attributed to Pablo Picasso. Though we don’t condone stealing, there is some merit to this angle when you’re look...