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Sales and Marketing - THEN vs NOW

SALES - sāls - the exchange of commodities for money.

MAR·KET·ING - märkitiNG - the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

The Evolution of Sales and Marketing

The way we communicate offers, promotions, and sell products and services has changed greatly over the last 30 years. Considering that the home computer is still only about 30 years old, technology has greatly enhanced the way we connect with those that might have an interest in what we're selling. Gone are the days of yellow page advertising, faxing questionnaires, and mining phone lists to cold-call day in and day out just to squeeze out a few sales. The focus of today's marketing is less on "finding" and more on "being found". It's the era of, dare I say, "Field of Dreams" marketing... if you build it (optimize, maintain, promote, and share it) they will come.

Check out our infographic below to compare some of the sales and marketing tools from thirty years ago with today.

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