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4 Reasons You Should Ask For Referrals

In addition to buying Internet leads, another way to really build your business in the long-term is through referrals -- simply asking your clients if they might mention your agency to friends, family members and co-workers who might be in need of insurance. Here are some ways referrals can really help your agency:

1. They create a cycle of satisfied customers.
As more and more vocal clients find themselves happy with your product and service, you'll find more and more potential clients coming your way.

2. They reduce your expenses and optimize time.
Instead of spending your time cold-calling prospects, you can use that time seeking referrals, which more reliably lead to sales.

3. You'll get a better return.
Experts say you can expect about a 10 percent return from non-qualified leads, while referred leads can bring you around a 60 percent closure rate.

4. They're important for long-term growth.
When you start your agency, it's important to gain business from your local market of shoppers, but to keep your business growing years into the future, you'll need those shoppers to be your advocates in their communities.

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