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SPUR Clients to Communicate - Part III - UNIQUE

S.P.U.R Customers to Communicate, Engage and Take Action – Be Unique

The third strategy in our four part S.P.U.R. method is "Be Unique". You must be able to "spur" your insurance leads to engage in dialogue with you. Remember this simple strategy by recalling the acronnym S.P.U.R., which stands for Specific, Personal, Unique and Relatable.

Use a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

At times, insurance agents can forget that they aren’t selling only insurance; they’re selling an experience. When pitching to potential clients, how can you make yourself and your product stand out? There are many companies out there selling insurance, but one way to stand out from the crowd is by not only talking about the product, but also selling the experience. “Selling an experience” may sound quite mystic, but you need to examine what your customers really want and not just sell them a “product.” Yes, they want insurance, but what about customer service? Friendliness? Promptness? Make sure they are aware that, besides selling insurance, you are also the agent who will always be on time, always call back, always greet them with a smile and always go the extra mile for them. Give them a reason they want to work with you and not any other insurance agent.

What is Your Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief statement to define your product, service or profession that only takes as long as an elevator ride to describe. So, mere seconds. When networking, it’s important to have this pitch down but without it sounding rehearsed or disingenuous. If it sounds too prepared, you won’t seem genuine, and it may turn a potential client off from what you’re trying to sell. Make sure you’re clear about selling insurance, but be sure to reinforce what sets you and your company apart from other insurance companies by using your “unique selling proposition.” For example, “I hate it when people don’t return my calls or emails, that’s why I always make sure to respond within 24 hours.” You want to make a solid, standout first impression, so make sure he or she remembers your name, your openness and how personable you were – as well as your unique, not-necessarily-insurance-related distinguishing factor. Give them your business card with your direct office line so they feel special and are getting personal treatment. Ask what their insurance needs may be, and make sure your response is detailed and specific about what you can do for them.

Show Clients Why You’re Unique

Actions speak louder than words. You can say you’re unique all you want or pitch your “USP” until the proverbial cows come home, but once you receive that call from the person you gave your elevator pitch to, be sure to practice what you preached. What was your unique selling proposition? Whatever it is, be sure to follow through on it. Remain personable and friendly and make sure you promptly return their phone calls or answer their questions in a timely manner. Remind the client why they decided to give you a call and are considering giving you their business. Remember you aren’t the only insurance agent in town, so it’s important to set yourself apart. Make the potential customer believe that you’re a head above the rest by demonstrating that you not only sell insurance and offer great rates and packages, but also are unique and able to provide specific information and personal service. It’s also important to thank them for their business. Acknowledge that you know they didn’t have to choose you for their insurance needs – but you appreciate that they did.

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