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10 Essential Online Tools for Any Business

When running an insurance company, every once in awhile you'll hear of another business doing something or using a service that makes you think, "I wish we had the ability or the personnel to handle that." What may surprise you is that there are thousands of Internet businesses offering unique and unexpected services that could help your business run more efficiently. Check out these unusual online tools for your insurance company.

  1. Voxox

    Do you have a team of employees who use their personal cellphone systems to share work contacts and connections without much success? Unify all those contacts and devices with Voxox, a cloud communications service that works on almost any device. Connecting your employees will make business run more smoothly.

  2. Appointlet

    Always on the phone trying to get appointments scheduled? Or have you lost the address where you planned to meet your 2 p.m.? Appointlet is an online scheduler that lets your clients schedule their appointments without needing your involvement. Plus, it sends out reminders, helping to eliminate those frustrating no-show instances.

  3. oDesk

    Not a writer, or just don't have the time? Do you need a webpage developed and scratch your head at HTML coding? These are issues many business owners face. Why not hire a freelancer who can customize the work specifically for your needs? oDesk makes freelancers in writing, design and SEO research available for the job you are trying to fill.

  4. OmniFocus

    Still writing down ideas onto a scrap of paper and then losing track of it before the day is over? Or do you routinely forget to accomplish a specific task because you accidentally deleted your email reminder? OmniFocus is the personal assistant you aren't able to hire. The program allows you to jot notes, keep track of project status, set reminders about deadlines if needed, and allows you to focus on keeping your business going.

  5. ZenDesk

    Frustrated by how much time you or your employees are spending trying to resolve or answer online customer service issues? Zendesk is a program designed to gather all incoming customer service messaging from emails, the website, online chats or elsewhere, and then distribute them to the appointment manager. This manager can then assign them to the appropriate response team. Not only will this improve your company's efficiency, it will also keep your customers happy with prompt and appropriate responses.

  6. Portent Content Idea Generator

    Needing ideas for your company blog or newsletter? Writing a speech and struggling with what to say? Need a creative subject line for your next lead-generation email? Type a topic into the Content Idea Generator, and cycle through the random topic angles that appear until something strikes your fancy. It's a great way to find fun ways to communicate your messaging in a new way.

  7. Wave

    Not everyone who runs an insurance agency has an accounting degree, which can make it somewhat frustrating every week to deal with invoicing, billing and payroll. Wave is a software program that smoothly handles all the invoices and deductions for payroll and bookkeeping, and it allows you to concentrate your talents where they are best suited.

  8. DocuSign

    The days of faxing, signing and scanning are way in the past. Today, e-signatures make it easy for your company and your customers to do business. DocuSign is one program that an insurance company can use to provide clients with the formal documents they need to review at home, at work, on their smartphone in the car, or anywhere they have Internet access. Once they've read the documents, the program allows them to electronically sign everything and submit it back to your company.

  9. Carbonite

    Backup, storage and security of your client files is important for running an insurance agency, and Carbonite has the cloud-storage solution to keep all that date handy, secure and stored in case anything happens to the originals.

  10. Fiverr

    Want to create a new logo, develop a company mascot, hire someone to provide your company with a testimonial or need a random expert, but not certain how to find one? Fiverr has experts in graphics, marketing and advertising niches and you can hire one for a one-time job or multiple jobs. The site will save you time in the long run if you don't want to search online among individual websites while trying to find an expert without really knowing how to search for one.

You might already have some of these tools keeping your business running smoothly, but if you don't, give these tools a review. You might find something that can help save you an hour or two each week!

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