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  • Insurance and Weather

    Weather and the Insurance Impact

    For places like the Southeast, especially places as far south as Georgia, winter storms in January and February 2014 caught many Southerners off guard, including many government officials.  A … more

  • B2B Insurance Selling

    B2B Insurance Selling for Agents

    In the world of insurance, selling business insurance is often one of the most lucrative sales an agent can make. It is also one of the most difficult. How can you improve your sales ratio in your … more

  • Insurance Rebating Laws

    Facts about Insurance Rebates

    The insurance industry is a highly competitive one that has created a lot of cross-carrier savings offers in order to win new business and customers from other insurance carriers. Up until this … more

  • SEO Tactics for Insurance Agents

    Simple SEO Tactics for Agency Owners

    How well is your website optimized for engaging customers and generating leads?

    If you’re not getting as many inquiries for quotes as you think you should through your online presence, you … more

  • 4 Reasons You Should Ask For Referrals

    In addition to buying Internet leads, another way to really build your business in the long-term is through referrals -- simply asking your clients if they might mention your agency to friends, … more

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