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Our pricing is straightforward.

We offer premium leads and calls at competitive prices, often below the competition. We provide free geographic targeting so you get leads and calls only where you need them. We offer optional filters at an additional charge. Leverage our Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology platform online 24/7 to configure and make adjustments to your account whenever necessary.

Our leads and calls are always Carrier-Exclusive, and are sent to only 3 agents on average, never more than 5. Our Premium Leads are automatically included as part of your lead mix when adding any Standard Lead package, however be advised that Calls must be enabled separately. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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iQ Premium Leads

Premium Prospect Leads & Qualified Prospect Leads

Lead Quality and Performance

Top performing agents have told us that they want more leads from the best quality and highest converting sources. They want assurance that their leads are from real people that really requested quotes. They want to prioritize contacting consumers with the greatest purchase intent.

Based on agent feedback we have now incorporated two high-performance lead products from iQ that are sourced from only the highest intent consumers and have a demonstrated track record of delivering higher performance for you.

iQ Premium Leads

iQ’s Premium Leads are designed to help you improve Contact Rate, Quote Rate and Conversion Rate and will be identified by the corresponding badge in your agent portal and in the lead delivery email. Look for the badges, and prioritize them in your sales process accordingly!

#1 – Premium Prospect Leads

Based on individual lead attributes that have been identified and proven to deliver the highest conversion rates, premium prospect leads have been filtered by our advanced Customer Acquisition Marketing platform and drive the most policy sales and the greatest ROI for our customers.

#2 – Qualified Prospect Leads

Leveraging our state of the art call center located in Austin, TX, we physically call tens of thousands of leads every day to contact the consumer and verify three things:

  1. Accuracy — of the consumer’s contact information
  2. Legitimacy — that this consumer requested this quote
  3. Desire to Speak with an Agent — about an insurance quote immediately

According to customer-provided data, Qualified Prospect Leads have the highest conversion rates of any leads from any provider (up to 4x normal conversion rates). Just like Premium Prospect Leads, we’ll mark these leads with a Qualified Prospect Leads badge for priority marketing. These prospects are the most interested and ready to buy, as confirmed in live conversations by our call center agents.

These high-performance products represent a great step forward in both Lead Quality and Lead Performance for you and are an excellent addition to our industry-leading Qualified Concierge Calls that many of you participate in today.

Packages & Pricing

We’re confident that these products will boost your Contact Rate, Quote Rate and Conversion Rate and, as a result, deliver an excellent return on your marketing investment. We provide these products to you automatically as part of our lead mix, based on fit with your consumer target profiles as well as availability in your market(s). We are heavily investing in expanding our premium marketing campaigns and CAM platform capabilities to bring you even more Premium Leads!

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Qualified Live Call Transfers: 100% Contact Rate

Give your producers the keys to success with our Qualified Concierge Calls. Whether you are a one person agency, manage a team of agents, or run a large a call center, your representatives will receive a live consumer who has been verified, qualified, and whose purchase intent has been validated.

Benefits of the iQ Live Connect Concierge System

  • Increase Conversion Rates and Decrease Frustration Our 250+ call center agents engage consumers in live conversations and verify the buying interest of each consumer before transferring them in real-time, so you only pay for actual consumer contacts.
  • Individually Pre-Qualified Our customer acquisition marketing technology ensures your pre-defined filters are met so you’re connected with consumers who are qualified for the insurance policies you sell.
  • Save Time & Resources We confirm consumers want to speak with one of your agents right now, so you avoid the cost of working unqualified, uninterested, or difficult-to-contact leads.
  • Excellent Customer Service With our industry leading Account Management team, you’ll have all the support you need to make your qualified concierge calls program successful.

How the iQ Live Connect Concierge System Works

  1. iQ’s Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology platform attracts, engages with and converts consumers into paying customers for our customers.
  2. Our Live Connect Concierge (“LCC”) System automatically initiates phone-based contact with interested consumers.
  3. Our call center agents engage these consumers in live voice conversations, complete the verification and qualification of the consumer by asking a series of highly targeted questions that verify identity, profile, and purchase intent.
  4. Once the consumer has confirmed their desire to speak with an Agent to get a quote right now, our call center agent performs the live transfer of the consumer to you in real-time.
  5. You get an excellent value: we guarantee 100% contact rate and we allow you to focus on what you do best, sell more policies.

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