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Health Insurance Leads

Capitalize on Marketing Change

The Affordable Care Act introduced many previously uninsured people into the health insurance system, many of whom could use help navigating the complicated world of health insurance. Add that to the fact that 10,000 new people become eligible for Medicare each day and making a living selling health insurance seems like a good idea.

The key now is to optimize the return on investment of every health insurance lead you tackle. By focusing on highly qualified, high-intent health insurance buyers you can fill your book without wasted effort. Capturing these insurance leads online (where an increasing number of people prefer to research and shop) is part of this changed landscape.

Capture the Most Qualified Health Insurance Leads

insuranceQuotes is designed specifically to draw in high quality insurance leads. insuranceQuotes spends millions of dollars each year creating and promoting online resources and tools to make insurance prospects more comfortable with the buying process – especially when they go through a trusted source like insuranceQuotes.

These applicants are vetted for intent then passed along to agents like you based on your preferences and criteria – such as only wanting leads in a certain geographic area or preferring high quality Medicare insurance leads. This process helps insurance agents focus on only the leads they want at the exact time that the lead is ready to speak with an agent.

The change in health insurance laws in the U.S. coupled with an increasingly digital consumer-base makes online insurance leads from insuranceQuotes an excellent primary source of business or a great way to fill out your book. insuranceQuotes has 70 years of experience generating high quality health insurance leads and provides premium health leads, subsidy health leads and Medicare leads.