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  • ACA Pressure Coming Down on Insurance Agents

    Insurance Agents Feeling the Pressure of PPACA

    Continuing Consumer Health Care Confusion

    Websites such as quote plenty of encouraging numbers about the Affordable Care Act:  

    Eight million people signed up during the … more

  • Loss of Value Insurance for NFL Prospects

    football players raising hands

    A new type of insurance made the mainstream sports news earlier this year—loss of value insurance carried by perspective NFL drafts. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Marqise Lee and Morgan Breslin all made a … more

  • Insurance Fraud: The $80 Billion Cost of Lying

    What could you buy with the $80 billion dollars that is lost each year on insurance fraud? - The answer you might be looking for is a ton!

    However, insurance policy holders and claimants are not the … more

  • Challenges of National Healthcare Reform

    Challenges of national healthcare reform

    The Affordable Care Act, the driver behind a massive National Health care overhaul got off to a rocky start in 2013 during the first Open Enrollment Period, that much we know. The question is, what … more

  • Five Creepy Insurance Claims

    Five creepy insurance claims

    Life insurance ensures that the family members of a deceased loved one will be able to pay for the funeral as well as any outstanding debts while ensuring that they can maintain the life to which … more

  • Insuring the Millennial Generation

    Selling insurance to Millennials

    Baby boomers begot Generation X, which in turn produced the Millennials – otherwise known as Gen Y. Every generation gains a new moniker, gleaned from a vast generalization of their traits. For … more

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