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Renters Insurance Leads

Stop Guessing

People who don’t own a home likely rent – and renters also need to protect their home and belongings. While renting has patterns (with June and September popular rental agreement times, particularly in cities) spending all your time sending out direct mail to apartment buildings doesn’t have a good return on investment or conversion rate. Connecting to high-quality, high-intent buyers seeking renters insurance at exactly the right time is the central problem.

Hit Leads When They’re Most Interested

Don’t waste time one people who aren’t interested in renters insurance. Instead, focus on the people who understand the need for insurance and are actively seeking it out. Renters insurance prospects visit insuranceQuotes.com looking for information and while they’re on the site they can easily convert by requesting a quote. Most don’t realize that they need renters insurance until they find trustworthy information online. insuranceQuotes captures these captive leads and passes them immediately onto agents. We put effort into attracting online leads, meaning we’re actively drawing in a pool of interested prospective just for you.

insuranceQuotes has the most self-generated leads in the industry and new leads matching your pre-set criteria are delivered directly to you within seconds of the quote request submission. You’re notified about new leads by email, text, and the insuranceQuotes mobile app so no matter where you are you’ll always be connected when a great lead is ready.

Get Pre-Vetted Leads

insuranceQuotes leads are more apt to convert because they’re vetted before they’re sent out to agents. insuranceQuotes collects detailed information pertaining to a particular type of insurance request whenever a lead fills out an application. Before the lead ever reaches you we evaluate and score each application based on the lead’s propensity to purchase and the anticipated value of the policy. This system allows us to only distribute the most promising leads to agents, making your hard work pay off more often.