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  • building a small business brand

    Creating and Managing an Effective Brand

    Rebranding is truly a “no guts, no glory” proposition. The process carries inherent risks, but done correctly, it offers a slew of future benefits.

    Top 7 Reasons Why Companies Re-Brand … more

  • Challenges of national healthcare reform

    Challenges of National Healthcare Reform

    The Affordable Care Act, the driver behind a massive National Health care overhaul got off to a rocky start in 2013 during the first Open Enrollment Period, that much we know. The question is, what … more

  • common business metaphors

    Common Business Metaphors

    The insurance industry usually sets a serious tone but that's because clients are looking for providers to ease their worries when their lives or property are in jeopardy. Luckily there are some … more

  • sales and marketing infographic

    Sales and Marketing - THEN vs NOW

    SALES - sāls - the exchange of commodities for money.

    MAR·KET·ING - märkitiNG - the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and … more

  • business person buried in paper

    Making Your Agency Paperless

    These days, it’s impossible for companies to function effectively without the use of technology. Everybody uses it for, well, everything, but especially for communication and research. But a … more

  • Ned Ryerson - insurance agent in movie

    Insurance Agents in Movies

    To some, the life of an insurance agent isn’t terribly glamorous. People think insurance agents are pretty predictable people who are extremely detail-oriented and organized—sometimes to … more

  • How to find and hire great producers

    How to Find and Hire Great Producers

    We're not talking about movie moguls of course. The “great producers” referred to here are those who make the sales, bring in new business and keep clients satisfied in agencies across … more

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