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  • email coming from mobile device screen

    Agent Guide to Effective Email Marketing

    It wasn’t so long ago that the majority of insurance agents focused their marketing efforts on mailing letters to the communities they served, advertising in local newspapers and sponsoring … more

  • Microinsurance represented by small car in hand

    Microinsurance Explained

    Around the world, approximately 3 billion people survive on less than $2 a day. While Americans make more than that, there are about 47.5 million Americans who live in poverty, which is defined as … more

  • Insurance marketing to consumers in winter

    Marketing to Consumers for Winter

    In the “Game of Thrones” series, the Stark family motto is “Winter is coming” – a saying that conveys constant vigilance and diligence. Well, winter is coming – it& … more

  • Reading body language to close more sales

    Reading Body Language to Close the Deal

    Sales professionals know that non-verbal cues are as important as verbal communication in closing deals. Being able to understand what a client’s body language is telling you can help you … more

  • Turkey frying tips and risks

    Turkey Day Insurance Facts and a Few Tips

    Thanksgiving Day is a time when Americans enjoy the day with friends and family, watch football, hopefully take a break from work, and cook great food to share. The centerpiece of this event being a … more

  • Generating insurance leads

    Unique Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

    Successful leads are the most important starting point for any business. Without them, you can’t make a sale. We’ve all heard the standard tips for generating sales leads, but highly … more

  • Elements of an insurance sales call

    Elements of a Perfect Insurance Sales Call

    Nobody likes receiving a canned sales presentation. Insurance can be a dry subject for many people so it’s especially important to maintain a good balance and respect for each contact. … more

  • Tips for annual employee reviews

    Rethinking Annual Employee Reviews

    Annual employee reviews are useful tools that both large and small organizations use. Done correctly, these reviews can increase productivity and employee satisfaction because the expectations … more

  • How to sell insurance across cultures

    How to Sell Insurance to Different Cultures

    How do you define “culture”? Is it just a way of life, or is it more complicated, defining the beliefs and attitudes of a specific group of people? The United States is still a melting … more

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