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  • Haunted house

    Scaring Up Insurance for Haunted Houses

    It’s that time of year again for not only pumpkin spice everything, falling leaves and apple picking, but also scary movies, Halloween and, of course, haunted houses. According to America … more

  • Five creepy insurance claims

    Five Creepy Insurance Claims

    Life insurance ensures that the family members of a deceased loved one will be able to pay for the funeral as well as any outstanding debts while ensuring that they can maintain the life to which … more

  • Liquor liability and Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest and Liquor Liability Insurance

    Oktoberfest is a time to raise your stein and dance a polka, so who really wants to be the wet blanket bringing up liability concerns? No one. Unfortunately, some people use Oktoberfest as an … more

  • Tech trends shaping the insurance industry

    Tech Trends Shaping the Insurance Industry

    To be a successful agent, tips on using new insurance trends, and the technology that drives them, are vital.

    Technology Resistance or Passivity?

    Some “new” technology is actually … more

  • Managing your online reputation

    Managing Your Online Reputation

    You can’t escape it, critics are everywhere. People with smart phones weigh in with reviews on everything, from the food at a restaurant to the décor of their dentist’s office. … more

  • Usage based insurance

    Is Usage Based Insurance the Future?

    From pay as you go cell phones to renting out your house to tourists, usage-based programs provide services and generate income. Usage Based Insurance, or UBI, provides insurance companies with … more

  • Selling insurance to Millennials

    Insuring the Millennial Generation

    Baby boomers begot Generation X, which in turn produced the Millennials – otherwise known as Gen Y. Every generation gains a new moniker, gleaned from a vast generalization of their traits. For … more

  • fantasy football insurance

    Details of Fantasy Football Insurance

    Fantasy becomes reality – at least when insuring real players in fantasy football leagues

    You can’t get away from fantasy football these days. The Internet is chock full of sites … more

  • SocialMedia as a Lead Generator

    Social Media Could Be the Best Lead Generator

    When used properly, social media is an invaluable source for lead generation and connecting with potential customers. There are several highly effective ways to make social media work for your agency, … more

  • Benefits of Client Management Tools

    Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any business. How your insurance clients feel they’re treated by you and your staff is often the biggest determining factor of … more

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