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Business Insurance Leads

The Need for Business Insurance

Businesses face a lot of liability, and they need a good business insurance policy to protect them. This presents a big opportunity for insurance agents who target businesses. While it’s tempting to go after giant companies, many of these already have insurance squared away. The better approach is to target smaller, independent businesses that may have underestimated the need for business insurance or are unhappy with their current provider. In fact, about 30% of homeowners have a home-based business and many are under insured.*

Finding the Best Insurance Leads

Reaching out to every business address and homeowner to see if they need business insurance is a waste of time. Why waste time getting the run around from a company who isn’t even interested in updating their insurance? Focusing on leads who are actively seeking insurance results in a much higher success rate.

insuranceQuotes has 70 years of experience connecting high-intent insurance leads with agents. insuranceQuotes attracts engaged leads by offering high quality information and resources then capturing leads through a free online quote tool. These applicants are pre-screened and the qualified ones are passed along to agents within seconds of the application submission, meaning you can get to the business insurance lead while they’re actively searching for you.

To help agents focus in the on the leads they most want to work with insuranceQuotes allows agents to filter leads by SIC code. This empowers agents to focus on the industries they’re successful with. This combination of high quality leads and agent filter options results in the best possible online business insurance leads that convert into customers.

* National Bureau of Labor Statistics