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  • 15 Strange Insurance Policies

    Most people who agents speak with are usually looking for standard home, vehicle, life or health insurance, but there are plenty of other things customers may be looking to insure and sometimes they … more

  • Creating a Successful Culture at Your Agency

    As you work to build up your business, it is important to keep in mind a few key fundamentals. Happy employees are productive employees; the best ideas come from those who are encouraged to spread … more

  • Guide to Successful Lunch Meeting Etiquette

    It seems these days the majority of business transactions occur online or over the phone. With the advancement of technology, it is much easier to do business in this fashion. But face-to-face … more

  • Comparing Insurance from Around the World

    A German insurance company offers an interesting option in liability insurance. Die Bayerische, an insurer based in Munich, Germany, now offers insurance to individuals through an online app that … more

  • How to Coach a Successful Team of Producers

    Even the greatest basketball point guard will never carry his team to the national championship unless he and his teammates are effectively guarding, passing, running, shooting and rebounding under … more

  • The Art of Being an Engaging Presenter

    In today’s competitive insurance business world, effective communication is a crucial skill to helping clients understand their policies. Being a good presenter, both on the phone and in person, … more

  • Reasons to Love Being an Insurance Agent

    Reason to love being an insurance agent

    It takes a special type of person to want a career helping others. When that individual meets challenges head-on saying “Bring it on!” they may have what it takes to be a great insurance … more

  • How to Plan and Execute an Effective Meeting

    How to plan and execute an effective meeting

    Effectively leading a meeting is an art. If Dante worked in today’s business world, he would likely relegate bad meeting facilitators to their own special circle in the Inferno. Luckily, there … more

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