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  • Mobile Agent vs. Office Dweller: Pros and Cons

    Mobile business vs office business

    With the invention of the SmartPhone, it seems like people are constantly connected, 24/7 to new information, advertisements, work, social life and friends and family. The world fits neatly into our … more

  • Familiar and Famous Insurance Agents

    famous celebrity insurance agents

    Did you ever think you recognize an insurance agent, but cannot quite place their face? Did you notice they are wearing a Super Bowl ring, or look like someone you saw on a reality TV series?   … more

  • Common Business Metaphors

    common business metaphors

    The insurance industry usually sets a serious tone but that's because clients are looking for providers to ease their worries when their lives or property are in jeopardy. Luckily there are some … more

  • Insurance Agents in Movies

    Ned Ryerson - insurance agent in movie

    To some, the life of an insurance agent isn’t terribly glamorous. People think insurance agents are pretty predictable people who are extremely detail-oriented and organized—sometimes to … more

  • How to Find and Hire Great Producers

    How to find and hire great producers

    We're not talking about movie moguls of course. The “great producers” referred to here are those who make the sales, bring in new business and keep clients satisfied in agencies across … more

  • Unique Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

    Generating insurance leads

    Successful leads are the most important starting point for any business. Without them, you can’t make a sale. We’ve all heard the standard tips for generating sales leads, but highly … more

  • Rethinking Annual Employee Reviews

    Tips for annual employee reviews

    Annual employee reviews are useful tools that both large and small organizations use. Done correctly, these reviews can increase productivity and employee satisfaction because the expectations … more

  • Is Usage Based Insurance the Future?

    Usage based insurance

    From pay as you go cell phones to renting out your house to tourists, usage-based programs provide services and generate income. Usage Based Insurance, or UBI, provides insurance companies with … more

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