• Taking Action on Brand

    Learn what it takes to create an authoritative brand to develop a deeper trust that your clients will feel comfortable with.

    • How and why the largest brands succeed
    • Building an implementing your brand promise
    • Understand who you are building your brand for
    • Determine your unique emotional and functional benefits

  • 10 Methods to Create an Effective Sales Pipeline

    In this whitepaper we cover ten of the best ways that will help you create an effective and consistent lead pipeline.

    • Big dividends with niche marketing
    • Reviving stale leads that did not convert
    • Using visuals to explain complex topics
    • How to get great customer testimonials

  • Lead Conversion Secrets of Top Advisers

    Closing insurance leads or any lead is an art form. In this whitepaper we cover several common strategies for closing a sale.

    • Touch point communication tips for making contact
    • Crafting your sales pitch so it's easy to understand
    • What to avoid when speaking to clients via email
    • Setting proper expectations for responses

  • Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Agency

    With millions of users daily, Facebook can't be ignored as a legitimate advertising source. Learn how to setup your ads and get more leads.

    • Learn how to set up your advertising account
    • Explaining the ad choices and how they work
    • Using images to create compelling ads
    • How to target your ads to the ideal group of users

  • Successful Tips for Closing Insurance Leads

    Every agent has their method of approaching new business. Learn some tips that can help energize and optimize your pipeline:

    • Using SEO strategies to optimize your web site
    • Understanding how time to contact affects close rates
    • How to leverage online leads to fill your pipeline
    • Tips to develop a good communication cadence

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