Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can agents really be successful with online insurance leads?
    Many agents have built their entire business around online insurance leads while other agents simply use online leads to fill in the gaps in their current book of business. Agents who are successful with online leads will tell you that it takes time and patience to perfect your technique for this marketing source. While referrals walking into your office are the best converting prospects, online leads add a new stream of potential customers that you would not connect with any other way.
  • What is the difference between insuranceQuotes and other insurance lead providers?
    insuranceQuotes has become the first destination for insurance-shopping consumers by investing heavily in content, industry-leading studies, and an unrivaled national and local news presence. With our high-quality and relevant content, we are the top search result for ‘insurance quotes’, one of the most highly searched terms on the internet. This results in more insurance shoppers visiting our site and our continual flow of informative articles leads to return visits. We conduct studies, interviews and research every month to bring the latest news and views about insurance to our customers, which makes them more educated than your average prospect and more likely to accurately complete our quote applications. In addition we also provide leading carrier specific filtering options, proprietary lead quality technology to ensure lead accuracy, and much more.
  • Are your leads exclusive or sold to multiple agents?
    Each lead is sold to only 3-4 agents on average to give the consumer the best shopping experience and ensure that agents are not competing with a long list of other agents. We will of course never sell the same lead to the same carrier within the same area to ensure your hard earned marketing and lead delivery dollars are not wasted.
  • How long has insuranceQuote been in business?
    insuranceQuotes is the result of over 70 years of combined insurance lead delivery experience. You may previously have known us as NetQuote, InsureMe, AgentInsider or InsuranceAgents, and between those companies we accumulated over 70 years of experience in helping agents succeed with online leads. Though our insuranceQuotes is still young, it encapsulates the very best features of each of our previous brands to build upon a long and successful history of helping insurance agents find competitive insurance leads to build a solid business.
  • Where do your leads come from?
    In our digital age, more and more people are turning to the internet to find cheaper and better insurance. We make ourselves as visible as possible both in the media and online to enable consumers to find our websites and ultimately find you. Interested individuals then complete online forms and submit them for competitive quotes. Our proprietary validation system then screens the submissions for validity and only passes on true comparison shoppers right into your inbox.
  • Once I get the lead, what do I do?
    Call the lead right away! Research has shown that agents who call the lead within 60 seconds have a 400% better chance to convert the lead than those who wait! According to research, agents who make at least 5 attempts show a 90% chance to contact their leads. Our most successful agents use a variety of communication channels to get in front of these prospects. Be sure to follow up your telephone calls with a personal email and add each prospect to your drip marketing campaigns. Many of our leads close months after initial submission so be persistent!
  • How do I log in to see my leads?
    Your username will be the email address you provided at the time of sign up. All new signups will be sent a link to create a password the first time. The insuranceQuotes Gateway will be the primary access to your account and will be the gateway to accessing leads, account scheduling and all other changes.
    HINT: We recommend 'bookmarking' your new gateway login page to make it quick and easy to find in the future.
  • How does billing work?
    There is no setup fee and no deposit. Credit limits for new agents are set at $50. After signing up, we will charge your credit card on the 1st and 16th of each month, as well as when your credit limit is reached, for leads you have already received. Pre-payment terms are also available. Please contact us to learn more.
  • How do I submit leads for credit?
    When you review your list of leads, you will see the option to request credit for that lead in the far right column. Simply click the link and select your reason for requesting credit. You will have a rolling 10 days from the lead submission date to request lead credit.
  • Can I make changes to my selected zip codes or lead types?
    You can change the zips codes from which you receive leads by selecting the subscription you want to modify on the Account Settings page. Once you are on the Subscription page, you can choose to add or remove a particular territory to all risk types on the subscription. You may also call Account Management at 877-828-9792 for assistance.
  • Can I schedule vacation holds on my account or my individual subscriptions?
    Yes. You are in control of that functionality and can easily set a temporary vacation hold on your account or an individual subscription. Simply select the Account Status button found on your new home page to stop the entire account OR go to an individual subscription through the Account Settings page and you can mark it inactive to pause subscriptions individually.
  • Are you compatible with my lead management system?
    InsuranceQuotes is compatible with many different 3rd party lead management systems. In many cases, we can integrate directly with your system to save you time and energy. Please call our Account Management team at 877-828-9792 to see if we are compatible with your system.
  • Can I receive a text message alert for new leads?
    Adding a text message notification or a secondary email is a free feature we offer to help ensure you don’t miss a thing. Please call our Account Management team at 877-828-9792 to add it today.
  • What steps do I need to take in order to close my insuranceQuotes account?
    Should you wish to close your account, you must call our Account Management team at 877-828-9792 in order to successfully terminate. Requests to close your account via email will not be accepted and you will continue to receive leads and be billed for them until you call and request termination in person.
  • Does insuranceQuotes support zip code exclusivity?
    With the new insuranceQuotes platform, zip code exclusivity is no longer supported. We know however, that the primary reason for agents choosing this in the past was to ensure certain levels of lead volume. Protecting this volume has been a major priority of our team and we don’t anticipate you will experience any impact in the volume you receive. If you do feel your volume has changed and wish to discuss solutions, please contact our Account Management team who would be happy to review options with you.
  • What if my question isn't on this list?
    Our Account Management team is standing by to answer any of your additional questions! Just call 877-828-9792 to get started!